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Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. this young man had fallen in love with a woman named stephanie. he had never spoken a word to her, who intimidated him. when he saw her, he became tongue-tied. he would lay all of his great treasures at the feet of this woman named stephanie. but things did not go as planned. because of inflation and also because of spending habits, he spent more time and that money ran out. he ended up living on the streets and begging. it was cool, it was a bad winter. and he suffered considerably. eventually, he made his way to a men's hostel and begin painting picture postcards that were sold on the streets and he began to gain a modest substance. periodically, somebody would tie his coattails to a bench and then pose a question about politics and germany's principles. he began to talk ferociously and he would jump up and he would begin to go through the room. many of his cohorts optimism in passing. that was none other than adolf hitler. it was possible that hitler and freud met each other in the streets of vienna in 1909 are one of those combinations it is possible that they would've left it off
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
a question. there is a microphone coming over to you. just give your name and organization. >> stephanie with the financial times. i am just curious what you predict the dynamic will be between a governor romney's elected between him and paul ryan as vice president and then dealing with the house and obviously with harry reid whether he's the majority leader or the minority not having a filibuster proof senate. what does that look like? from what i am hearing on the house side, it doesn't seem like there are predictions things are going to change and people are willing to compromise. the sense is also from the tea party at that i've been speaking to that governor romney's claim to have to prove his conservative credentials even if he is going to unseat barack obama. >> i don't know if romney wins we would pull the house and many house seats. i believe he has a huge clout in the house and there is going to become planning for this and that by some people that he doesn't do a b or c, but the ability to pass the reconciliation bill in the house at the end of the day with few defections on t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2